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Zlatibor Info


Zlatibor Info

Zlatibor Info nudi veliki broj smeštaja svih kategorija na Zlatiboru. Popularnost Zlatibora ne prestaje već samo raste. Svake godine se obaraju rekordi posećenosti, pa čak i ove godine, ni pandemija korona virusa nije usporila sezonu na ovoj planinskoj lepotici. A pravi bum se tek očekuje izgradnjom gondole.

Na našem sajtu možete pronaći sve potrebne informacije i vesti o Zlatiboru. Nudimo Vam najbolji i najpovoljniji smeštaj na Zlatiboru. Pored velikog broja apartmana u ponudi, ako se zaželite specijaliteta iz ovog kraja pogledajte šta nude najbolji zlatiborski restorani.

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What kind of information can I find on

You can find information about accommodation options, restaurants, attractions, and activities in Zlatibor. The website also provides recommendations for beauty salons, car repairs, and 24-hour stores. It aims to provide comprehensive information to enhance your experience in Zlatibor.

2. How can I make a reservation for accommodations?

To make a reservation for accommodations, you can visit the website and browse through the listed apartments and villas. Each listing provides details about the price per day and amenities. Once you have chosen your preferred accommodation, you can contact the property owner or manager to make a reservation.

3. What are the recommended apartments in Zlatibor?

Some of the recommended apartments in Zlatibor include Apartmani Damjan, Apartmani Zona, Vila Bajka, Vila Ski Radan, Apartmani Josipovic, Apartmani Maxi Dimitrijevic, and Apartman Atina. These apartments offer comfortable stays and are popular among visitors to Zlatibor.

4. Why is Zlatibor a popular tourist destination?

Zlatibor is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty, quality programs for relaxation and recreation, and its appeal to people of all ages. The mountain's wavy structure, surrounded by deep canyons and dense coniferous forests, creates a picturesque landscape. The alpine and subalpine climate of Zlatibor makes it pleasant and warm during the summer, attracting visitors for both summer and winter vacations.

5. How can I contact for further inquiries?

You can contact by visiting their website and using the provided contact information. They have a contact page where you can find their email address and phone number. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any further questions or need assistance regarding your visit to Zlatibor.

Some reasons to choose

Wide range of accommodation options

The company provides information about a variety of accommodation options on Zlatibor, including apartments, villas, and other types of lodging. This allows customers to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Information on local attractions and activities

The website offers information about the various attractions and activities available in Zlatibor. This includes recommendations for outings, as well as details about places where visitors can experience the best of what Zlatibor has to offer.

Useful information about local services

In addition to accommodation and attractions, the company provides useful information about local services. This includes details about cosmetic salons, auto repair shops, 24-hour stores, and more. This helps visitors easily find the services they may need during their stay.

Beautiful natural surroundings

Zlatibor is described as a mountain with breathtaking natural beauty. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, rivers, and streams, with vast grassy meadows that create a picturesque landscape. This makes Zlatibor a perfect destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature.

Appealing climate

Zlatibor benefits from an alpine and subalpine climate, which results in pleasant and warm summer days. This makes it an ideal location for summer vacations, as visitors can enjoy the outdoors comfortably.
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