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Sheffield is a city with a rich history a place whose name was derived from the River Sheaf flowing right through it. Being the eighth largest city in England the population still causes it to be the third largest district by population so there are always new people to meet regardless of how long you plan on staying although, even if your trip to our lovely city is a short one there's an incredible amount to see and do, so why not make the best of your short stay accommodation with Homely Serviced Apartments?

There's an astronomical difference between staying in a hotel and staying in a serviced apartment. For one thing a hotel doesn't really allow self-catering outside of fast food, whereas a Homely Serviced Apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen ready for use whenever you need. Think of us more like an aparthotel, a place cozy enough to call a home away from home while retaining the affordability and convenience of a hotel. You don't even have to clean before you leave! Take a look at these great locations and decide which one would be best for your next holiday whether your aim is to spend one night with us or perhaps a little longer, welcome home.

Our Serviced Apartments

St. Pauls Apartments

If your goal of going to Sheffield is to experience the city in a way not many people are capable of then you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to stay than at St. Pauls. This luxury one bedroom serviced apartment is the Belle of the ball in regards to posh living, located in the tallest building at the heart of the city. Not only will you be able to look out over the expanse of this beautiful area, you'll be at the center of it.

The room itself can accommodate two occupants, features one bathroom and sports a more modern bedroom theme with the window overlooking an almost harmonious combination of forest and city. Most tourist locations are within walking distance of the front doors (anywhere from 1 minute to 10), and the amenities really help add to the home-away-from-home feel. It comes equipped with a fully furnished kitchen with a washer and dryer combo available in the unit.

Price: For a single night's stay you'll be looking at 105, a week would cost 660 and a month would set you back 1980 but the experience you get is priceless.

Figtree Apartments

Two-point-three miles from the famed Motorpoint Arena you'll find the one bedroom apartments dubbed the Figtree House (which can comfortably house 3 people) in the heart of Sheffield. Guests who choose this location will enjoy free 24Mbps internet, Netflix, a workspace, a doorman and a full washer/dryer set to get your clothes clean before you depart. The rooms come with a double bed and the sofa can pull out for another guest.

Situated on a cobbled lane towards the center of the city, the Figtree House is just a short walk from the shopping precinct of Fargate, but if you're not a huge fan of walking you'll be able to get around on one of the many buses provided by public transportation. Overall however, most prime locations are only a five to ten minute walk from the front doors.

Price: For a one night stay at this location you would be looking at 69 per day, 495 per week or 1480 for a month.

Erskine Apartments

If your visit to Sheffield is more on the business side of things the Erskine aparthotels are an incredibly helpful place to stay. Located in the center of Sheffield's Legal and Professional district, the building these beautiful rooms reside in has been around since the 1700's! Naturally you'd expect a building that old to be in some sort of disrepair, but no expense was spared in bringing these rooms back to life, creating a unique modern and classical twist not unpleasant to the eyes. Even the toilet shines like the gloss on a new Jaguar.

Following the Homely Serviced Apartments tradition of sticking towards the center of Sheffield the Erskine Aparthotels are no different, keeping just a five minute walk away from locations such as the Lyceum Theater, the Sheffield Hallam University and Pond's Forge. Each room comes equipped with a kitchenette (no full-service kitchen this time) as well as the other standard amenities with the added bonus of 24 hour security utilizing CCTV.

Price: Rooms at the Erskine location start at around 85 a day, 350 a week and 1180 a month depending on which size room you choose.

Homely House

Traveling through Sheffield's most upscale suburb you'll find a lovely 3-bedroom, 2-bath house near the Sheffield School of Medicine and Sheffield University. This gorgeous home has three different levels to it, offering plenty of space regardless of the amount of occupants, but the inside is only part of the full package. Due to the fact that it's located very near the Sheffield Botanical Gardens there's a lot of greenery to see and many areas you could simply explore.

This house comes equipped with everything you'd expect in a home and more, as you have the added protection of CCTV cameras and 24-hour security even proper parking. Unfortunately the area it's in is a little farther away from the action than the others, but you're still only about a five minute drive away.

Price: The Homely House is available for short stay or long visits costing from 285 a day, to 800 a week, and starting from 2800 for a month.


The people from Homely Serviced Apartments are dedicated to the idea of turning a visit into something a little more memorable than that, all without leaving the comfort of your room. You can cook for yourself, do your laundry or take a stroll to one of the many nearby locations for drinks, food and even just a good time. Each location gives off an air of elegance when you enter the rooms, one which won't leave you for as long as you choose to stick around in our fantastic city.

Sheffield is an old and proud city filled with people from all walks of life, and these serviced apartments only add to the overall experience rather than just being a product in them. No one brags about staying in a hotel on holiday, but they will when they stay with us.

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